To Multitask


When you find out you’re having twins, your excitement can be overshadowed by a fear of coping with two newborns. In my case, I had a husband who was working away Monday to Friday, no family nearby and an imminent move to West Africa to contend with. If you’re a twin mummy-to-be, here are ten truths about those early days.

  1. The first three weeks are intense! But only because you have no idea what you’re doing. Your hormones turn against you and you may have moments of thinking ‘what have I done?’. With every passing day, it does get easier.
  2. Try not to kill your partner during paternity leave. Seriously.
  3. Don’t despair when you catch sight of your body during those first few weeks. I shed MANY tears. If you too were unlucky enough to be destroyed by stretch marks… Fuck it. Life is short. Skin is just skin. Yes, you may now resemble a burst piñata, but you can live with it. And if you need to wear a one piece for the rest of your days, just make sure it’s Dolce.
  4. Having twins is hard. But it’s not as hard as people say it will be! It’s all a state of mind. Wake up feeling bouncy and you will smash it as a twin mum. But if you wake up feeling sluggish you’ll be in for challenging 12 hours. I have discovered the key is a positive mental attitude.
  5. Your nipples are no longer your own. I have been warned my breasts will soon resemble two tube socks, filled with pound coins. But they are feeding two little people and helping them grow – so at least that’s something.
  6. Look after yourself too. Have a shower. Wash your hair. Actually, don’t wash your hair, go for a bloody blow dry! Think about what you’re going to wear. Put mascara on. Make that phone call. Nobody ever died from 2 minutes of crying.
  7. Don’t read anything.
  8. Get out and about from day one. It’s easy to worry so much about leaving the house with twins, that you won’t cross the threshold. Where will I change them, how will I feed them both, how will I get up the stairs at the tube station, what if they both start screaming at the same time? The truth is you will figure it out. We are a practical multitasking generation who are used to thinking on our feet and you will find a way.
  9. Nothing lasts forever. Every stage is fleeting, so embrace every moment; the rough and the smooth.
  10. And the first time they smile at one another, your heart will LITERALLY explode in your chest.

Jo xxx


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