On y va!

Every great adventure starts with a journey. And so it was with a great amount of precision planning, that the hubs and I, the babies and my wonderful mother boarded one of Air France’s finest, along with nine suitcases, two onboard baby bags, one double-decker buggy and two maxi-cosis.


At the point we were checking in our mountain of luggage, I suddenly felt a sense of relief that Arthur wasn’t sitting in a portable kennel next to us. I’m not sure I could have coped with the added stress of waving him into the hold.

There is no direct flight to Dakar. Which is a major inconvenience when juggling babies, however the silver lining is a two hour interval in Paris. Which left just enough time to buy a dreamy pair of Chanel sling-backs, feed the babes a LOT of Ella’s Kitchen, change two nappies, try on Dior’s new range of sunglasses, and purchase the latest fragrance from Hermès.


As we boarded the ‘big bird’ to Dakar, I ignored the various ‘FFS’ glances from fellow business class passengers who were seated within twin earshot, and instead stared in wonder at the super stylish African passengers who were boarding the plane. Wax prints galore, fabulous sneakers, dazzling jewellery; it was a refreshing change from our monochromatic London world. And I have to say the flight went without a hitch. In the six hours we were onboard there wasn’t a single tear. Not so much as a threateningly glassy eye. The babes slept when they were tired, ate when they were hungry and played and chuckled the rest of the time. #dreamgirls


I can’t say I could liken Dakar airport to that of say Singapore or our beloved Heathrow Terminal Five. And there was a bit of a scrum to get through customs but we were warmly greeted at luggage collection by our drivers Balde and Ouseman. The babes were enthusiastically snatched from our arms for a proper Senegalese welcome and squealed with delight after their long journey.

Both gents looked exceptionally chic. Balde was wearing fabulous red hi-tops and a black blazer with Swarovski lapels. Incred.

We were whisked away into the night and within 20 minutes we had the babies snuggled up in their new beds and I was reunited with my own super comfy mattress, since it made it’s maiden voyage across the atlantic.

I fell asleep listening to the waves crashing against the shore outside.


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